The Motronome

The Motronome is a bass-beat-machine that Julian build for his artistic performances. It produces a unique bass sound that can be altered to various rhythms. The core is a Volvo-Penta one cylinder petrol motor. Its exhaust is coupled to a bass tuba. There are to sound effects that come to play. First, since the combustion sound covers the whole range of frequencies, they can evolve freely when they hit the tuba. Second, the oszillatory nature of a combustion engine introduces a beat that is linked to the rpm of the motor. In this way, the motornome becomes a bass-beat-machine of the finest style.


Watch The Motronome on You Tube.

Piano Concerto Nr. 2 "The Ecocalypse" in d flat / a flat minor

The piano concerto Nr. 1 "The Ecocalypse", a three-movement composition, that reflects Julian's urge of amalgamating the romantic-era harmonic structure with a heavy basso-continuo-concept. The “Ecocalypse” theme is both a statement on the collective nervousness in society and a reply to “Endspiele” (loosely translated as “apocalypse”), a collection of works by Swiss author and playwright, Friedrich Duerrenmatt. A novel aspect of this project is Julian’s approach to composition, which he calls “composition through performance”. This approach views the realization of art through process – not as an end in itself, a style heavily touted by Duerrenmatt as evidenced through his approach to playwriting.


This work is in progress.


The project "Fragments" was initiated by Martin Pearson who sound-engineered Julian's first album "heavy clouds over vast wide open". It contains the recordings of selected tracks from heavysonicsource - themes, phrases, fragments - as they are arranged into self-contained pieces. They are published as a compilations - Fragments vol.I/II/III by Martin Pearson Music. The first album Fragments vol. I "moments from within" is on sale since 2009.

Piano Concerto Nr. 1 "Heavy Clouds Over Vast Wide Open" in g flat / d flat minor

The piano concerto Nr.1 "Heavy Clouds Over Vast Wide Open" in g flat / d flat minor was julian's first main composition consisting of three movements. The subject draws on the life history of a heavy storm reflecting a young man's "Sturm-und-Drang" period. The piano concerto was premiered in 2002 and it is conceived as a solo piano piece without orchestration but as an "instrumental symphony".


Heavysonicsource is a term coined by Julian to describe his archive of themes, phrases, passages; walks in a landscape of sound, condensed into piano solo. These themes emerge by chance when inventing and varying harmonies, rhythms and the character of intonation.

In retrospect, heavysonicsource is indeed Julian's first project when he started collecting his music at a very young age.

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